The 90s Quizpedia: The Ultimate Book of Trivia

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How well do you remember the 90s? This unofficial book will put your trivia to the test.
It's been two decades since Y2K, and our nostalgia for the humanity's best decade is stronger than ever. Between The Spice Girls, Clueless, Beanie Babies, boy band heartthrobs, and the oversized flannels, it's hard (impossible?) not to love the 90s. But how well do we really remember those years?

With pop-culture-focused questions, this interactive trivia book is perfect to play with friends or family. (Or, for the truly 90s obsessed ... solo!) Your memory will be put to the ultimate test, with 450 questions about the movies, television, bands, and the trends that we all loved (and regret). It's time to whip out those polaroid and VHS tapes and take a deep dive into a grunge-filled memory lane.