Taang! Records - Taang! Singles Collection Vol. 1 LP (Various Artists)

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Vinyl LP pressing. In 1983, a record label was formed in Boston, MA, with a focus upon the city's hardcore punk scene, it's name an acronym for Teenagers Are No Good. Since then, it's founder Curtis Casella has released music of wildly varying levels of quality, but "Taang! Records: The First 10 Singles" provides a surprisingly consistent and highly enjoyable listen consisting of Taang! Records' first ten singles originally released between 1984 and 1988. Features Gang Green, Last Rights, Stranglehold, Last Stand, Noonday Underground, Negative FX, Oysters, Lemonheads, Moving Targets, and Slapshot.

LABEL: Taang Records
UPC: 722975021117
RELEASE DATE: 6/23/2023