Danny Elfman - Batman Original Motion Picture Score LP (Limited Edition Turquoise Vinyl)

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 Does anyone make a better score than Danny Elfman? Absolutely not!

A1. The Batman Theme 2:38
A2. Roof Fight 1:20
A3. First Confrontation 4:43
A4. Flowers 1:51
A5. Clown Attack 1:44
A6. Batman To The Rescue 3:56
A7. Roasted Dude 1:01
A8. Photos / Beautiful Dreamer 2:27
A9. Descent Into Mystery 1:31
A10. The Bat Cave 2:35
A11. The Joker's Poem 0:57
B1. Love Theme 1:31
B2. Charge Of The Batmobile 1:41
B3. Attack Of The Batwing 4:44
B4. Up The Cathedral 5:04
B5. Waltz To The Death 3:55
B6. The Final Confrontation 3:47
B7. Finale 1:45
B8. Batman Theme Reprise 1:28


Barcode 093624895435