Journals By Kurt Cobain

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The lyrics notebook and personal journals of Kurt Cobain, revealing new insight and meaning to the iconic signer of the band Nirvana.

“His words kick and scream.” —Chicago Daily Herald

“Compelling.” —Seattle Times

“No editing, no footnotes: The Nirvana singer’s Journals is the year’s most fascinating, heartbreaking rock book.” —Rolling Stone Magazine

“Especially riveting.” —The Observer Magazine

“Compelling reading…a look into the creative process of one of rock’s true artists.” —The Seattle Times

“The daily diary of an American dream—and nightmare…Beneath all the layers of irony and sarcasm and humor and stoner realism, Cobain had a gift for sincerity, which is everywhere evident in his journals…The book is swarming with life, and it’s irresistible to anyone who cares about the music.” —New York Magazine

“Illuminating…charming…we catch glimpses of Cobain’s wry, mischievous humor.” —Newsday

“Our most elaborate first-hand evidence of the inner life of one of rock’s most important figures.” —New York Daily News

“Laced with humor and horror…wrenchingly candid.” —LA Times

“Simple and plain, Kurt Cobain was a fuckin’ genius…Journals may become his most enduring body of work. If Cobain’s life was a movie, Journals is the director’s cut, the musings and contemplations of a mad genius. More than that, these passages are some of the most interesting reading I’ve come across in years, and I boldly predict they will stand the immeasurable test of time…Journals, better than any biography could hope to be, will make essential reading for anyone looking to understand the 1990s’ most important pop star.” —

“It displays the formative stages of a man whose deeply felt empathy became something close to a curse…This remarkable document finally stands as one last message from the saddest teenager in the world, hiding his diary in a drawer near an easy-to-find key.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Fascinating and often charming.” —New York Post

“I heard Cobain’s voice in my head as I read his journals.” —Telegraph

“How could the intimate diaries of one of rock’s most memorable and credible icons be anything less than page-turningly compulsive?…The hype is deserved. You won’t be disappointed.” —The Zone