New Release Picks for March 15, 2024: MUNA, Dead Boys, 21 Savage

New Release Picks for March 15, 2024: MUNA, Dead Boys, 21 Savage

Muna Saves The WorldLP Opaque Baby Blue Vinyl For Sale Online and Instore  Mont Albert North Melbourn

MUNA's fresh release of Saves the World may come from a simpler time before lockdowns and (even more) humanitarian crises, but the album feels more relevant than ever. The grooves pair are juxtaposed with emotionally raw lyrics, reflecting the inherent contradictions of our modern life. You gotta own this one if you don't.

Dead Boys Younger Louder & Snottyer (Green/Reissue) Vinyl Record

The Dead Boys' debut album is a punk classic. This version brings us the original mixes of the songs. As Allmusic put it, "everything on here sounds crispier, more wired, and so treble-accented that it ends up embellishing the offensiveness of the material itself, full of punk energy and electric scrabble for the chemically enhanced set." The green vinyl is both funny and cool to boot.

21 Savage - American Dream 2LP NEW – Hi-Voltage Records

21 Savage is a megastar, and American Dream cements that fact. The title clearly references his journey towards legal status in America, which was in jeopardy a few years ago. But now he's got that green card—and plenty of things to say about America that we all need to hear. His guest list is incredible - Burna Boy, Metro Boomin, Doja, and many more. This Billboard #1 album should be a staple in all of our collections.

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